SHANGHAI INFINITY WIREIESS TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD,  a leading Chinese company registered in Shanghai, dedicated to research, design and sales of network terminal equipment. It also has R&D offices in Shanghai and Chengdu.

        Key members of the company skilled in R&D and marketing in telecom industry over 10 years', providing services to customers worldwide. By providing customized services to CPE products such as ADSL, VDSL and LTE AP for like ODM customers or operators market. 

        We provide high quality  products to our customers with standardized manufacturing capacity and technical solutions. Our product line covers a variety of mainstream broadband access terminals, including ADSL2/2+ routers (wired/wireless), VDSL2 wireless routers, home wireless intelligent routers, OTT set-top boxes, etc, from cost-sensitive to high-performance product solutions, to meet the needs and markets of different customers.

        We catch closely with the new technology or platform, like 11AC, G. FAST, VDSL35B and others. At the same time, we maintain close ties with major chip manufacturers to provide timely and strong support for our customers.


        Telecom Product for Service Provider Based on Customization Support and Strong Manufacturing System;


      ●  xDSL routers based on Realtek platform

      ●  Qualcomm QCA/AR Wireless Platform for Enterprise Wireless Networking Products

      ●  Application Solution of MTK Internet of Things

      ●  Development of Cat6, Cat12 High-end Router on  LTE Technology


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